As complex health care issues continue to demand a multidisciplinary approach, patients increasingly will recognize and expect the critical role of the specialty-certified pharmacist in optimal drug therapy.

Improved outcomes in patient care are the primary purpose of specialization in any health care profession. The patient’s personal standard is simple — “How can anyone know which pharmacists are uniquely qualified to monitor my medication plan?” With specialty-trained pharmacists as part of the collaborative care team, enhanced patient satisfaction has been documented with fewer complications in drug treatment, improved laboratory monitoring, reductions in unnecessary medications, and shorter hospital stays resulting in lower treatment costs.

Ways that patients benefit from BPS certification: 

  • Objective, independent, third-party evaluation and assessment of professional competence 
  • Commitment to public safety and/or consumer protection
  • Accountability through ethical conduct standards and/or a disciplinary process
  • Recertification requirements for continued or enhanced competence

BPS Research Repository

Review existing research into the role of board certification in patient care, health outcomes, and pharmacist career journey.

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