Rising Star Award

The BPS Rising Star Award 

The BPS Rising Star Award recognizes pharmacists who have made outstanding early career contributions to the advancement of BPS Board Certification.

BPS Rising Star Award
Applications are open!
Award nominations deadline: Friday, September 15, 2023.
The nominations form can be found here.

Award Timeline
July 15 – Nominations Open
September 15 – Nominations Close
November 15 – Awards Decision
January 2024 – Award Recipients Announced


A nominee must be an early career practitioner and meet the following criteria:

  1. Completed their terminal pharmacy training or degree within the past 7 years,
  2. Hold an active certification in at least one of the BPS Specialty Areas,
  3. Demonstrate evidence of leadership potential in their career trajectory,
  4. Demonstrate commitment to continued advancement of pharmacist board certification from one of more of the following categories:
    1. Volunteer service (BPS or professional pharmacy organization);
    2. Provide mentorship or professional leadership;
    3.  Legislative/regulatory advocacy;
    4. Implementation of a process to achieve board certification at place of employment;
    5.  Implementation of a career ladder for pharmacists to achieve eligibility criteria for board certification;
    6. Encourage residents/students to become board certified;
    7. Lead a study group;
    8. Create recognition within the workplace for board-certified pharmacists (e.g., position, stature, reimbursement by employer);
    9. Promote board certification within a professional organization;
    10. Educate other health professionals, patients, or colleagues on the value of board-certified pharmacists; and/or
    11. Author an article derived from conducting research on the value of board certification.

For the Rising Star Award, the nomination application requires one letter of nomination and at least one, but no more than two, letter(s) of recommendation. Self-nominations are not accepted for this award.

The nominator is responsible for submitting the award nomination packet, which includes the following items:

  • Completed official nomination form provided by BPS;
  • Letter from nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets award criteria;
  • At least one, but no more than two, letter(s) of recommendation describing the nominee’s accomplishments relative to the award criteria; and
  • A detailed resumé or CV of the nominee.

BPS will issue a call for nominations for the Rising Star Award annually by August 1, with a nomination submission deadline of mid to late September. The BPS Board of Directors will decide on a recipient by late fall of each year. The awards will be presented the next calendar year.

If a nominee is not chosen as the recipient for the award in the year their nomination is submitted, the application may be resubmitted for consideration the following year, with updates as appropriate. If not chosen in the following year, a new application will need to be submitted for future consideration.


The selection is made by the BPS Board of Directors based upon review of the completed nomination packet. Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered.


The award will be conferred at a meeting or venue deemed appropriate by the BPS Board of Directors based upon the affiliation of the award recipient. The award will include the BPS logo inscribed with the recipient’s name and date of presentation. Travel expenses will be covered based upon current BPS travel policies as deemed appropriate by the BPS Board of Directors based upon the nature of the presentation. In addition, the BPS offices will display a perpetual plaque recognizing previous award recipients.