Certification is a process by which an entity grants formal recognition to individuals that meet predetermined, standardized criteria. The certification process involves determination of eligibility, an assessment of demonstration of competence, and requirements for regular recertification. Certification is usually voluntary and established by a non-governmental entity.

BPS certification validates a pharmacists’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide optimal patient care. Certified individuals in the workforce reduce risk and enhance consumer protection and public safety. In addition, BPS certification allows employers and other stakeholders to identify individuals with the competencies needed to perform a role or task.

Certification holders benefit from:

  • Increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in the profession
  • Improved opportunities for employability and advancement
  • Greater confidence in their professional competence
  • Increased professional trust from employers or the public
  • Increased autonomy in the workplace
  • Better compensation and career longevity

Hear what our BPS Ambassadors have to say about the value and benefits of BPS Board Certification: