As the complexities of patient care multiply and drug regimens become more complex, so does the need for specialized skills. Through the rigorous standards mandated by the BPS for both certification and recertification, the BPS board certified pharmacist is uniquely qualified to provide specialized patient care as an integral member of the healthcare team. Becoming BPS board certified enables pharmacists to differentiate and affirm their knowledge and skills to provide more comprehensive patient care; be prepared to step into pharmacy’s evolving position on the multidisciplinary healthcare team; and be recognized for their expertise by other healthcare professionals, employers, patients and insurers.

BPS certification is a highly visible credential to colleagues. It signals an elevated level of excellence in specialty practice, often producing increased acceptance by the care team. BPS board certified pharmacists frequently serve as role models to help others become more efficient practitioners. Post certification, pharmacists also report receiving more requests for professional consultations, along with invitations for continuing education and academic presentations.

BPS board-certified pharmacists benefit from:

  • Greater marketability
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Improved competence
  • Increased responsibility
  • Competitive edge in job placement and advancement 

Hear what our BPS Ambassadors have to say about the value and benefits of BPS Board Certification: