Pharmacists Improving Patient Outcomes through Specialized Care

BPS is the Premier Post-Licensure Pharmacist Certification Agency

Our mission is to improve patient care by promoting the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and specialty board certification of pharmacists.

Pharmacists Improving Patient Outcomes through Specialized Care

Our mission is to improve patient care by promoting the recognition and value of specialized training, knowledge, and skills in pharmacy and specialty board certification of pharmacists.




Exam registration for the August/September 2023 windowed test administration is now CLOSED. 

The August/September test administration window will be open between August 28, 2023 through September 18, 2023.

Continuously Available Test Administration


Exam registration for BCCP, BCOP, BCNP, and BCPP certification and recertification examinations is OPEN.

Continuously available testing appointments for BCOP examinations will be available starting August 28, 2023.

Certification Verification

BPS offers the ability to search and verify a Board-Certified Pharmacist by name or credential number. 

Who We Serve

Board-certified pharmacists use their certification to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Learn how BPS Certification can help you differentiate yourself.
BPS Certification can increase marketability, confidence, competence, and provides a competitive edge in job placement. Learn more about certification.
Board-certified pharmacists are an invaluable part of the healthcare team. Find out how their specialty knowledge can benefit your organization.
Board-certified pharmacists make a positive impact on the lives of patients by providing optimal drug therapy. See how they are improving patient care.


I am a board-certified oncology pharmacist. This certification encourages me to always seek new oncology literature to improve patient care and safety. I am also grateful for all the multi-disciplinary, academic, and research opportunities that have opened from being a board-certified pharmacist.

Holding board certifications through the Board of Pharmacy Specialties has not only provided me with a network of peers with similar clinical interests and expertise, but it allows me to demonstrate to colleagues and patients that I am clinically competent and will be able to provide the best care possible!

To my patients and to the public, my BPS lapel pin and designations open a conversation about how seriously board-certified pharmacists take patient care and what we are willing to invest to ensure that we are at the top of our game. Board certification is a stamp of quality in the care we deliver.

Board certification promotes quick identification of other pharmacists who share either a similar or different board certification as well as offers networking opportunities within each specialty. I’ve reached out to other board certified colleagues to collaborate on difficult clinical scenarios only to learn more through our discussion.

BPS Board Certification is an asset to my practice as a pharmacist and to my role on a health care team; they know I have met the standards for board certification in oncology and maintain my BCOP credential, which instills an elevated level of trust.

I maintain and support board certification because it is the gold standard for high quality clinical practice, demonstrates dedication to continuous learning and practice improvement. Board certification provides professional satisfaction and career advancement. When I see a BPS credential, I know that pharmacist is a qualified practitioner.

I initially pursued board-certification as an assessment of my clinical knowledge following residency training. Maintaining board certification has helped me continue practicing at the top of my license, precept and mentor all levels of learners, and stay up to date on emerging literature and practice changes.

One of the additional benefits of board certification is the accountability to lifelong learning. It has been said that “learning never ends,” and it is downright true. Aside from learning through pharmacotherapy CE modules, board certification has even opened doors to learning more at work.